CBD Delicious Products

CBD Delicious Products

Polar Bars – A delicious treat with three layers of hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, and your choice of M&M's or Reeses Pieces. Custom made Polar Bars which can include chocolate ice cream or any of our wide variety of toppings!!

Soft Serve ice cream – including a customer favorite, the chocolate and vanilla twist!

Soft Serve FAT FREE Yogurt – This delicious vanilla frozen yogurt can be ordered plain or with a tasty twist called Flavor Burst. There are 8 flavors to choose from. Bloo Goo, Black Cherry, and Coffee –n- Cream are just a few.

Hard Ice Cream – Basic flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla, and Chocolate Chip Mint. We also offer a wide variety of Gourmet Flavors. These range from Raspberry Truffle and Vanilla Cookie Dough to Cherry Vanilla and Double Dark Chocolate Fudge. There is also a new special flavor that is introduced each month. Currently that is Tiramisu!

Our delicious rainbow sherbet is a favorite among many of our younger customers!

Ice Cream Sandwiches – Two Chocolate Chip wafers with a vanilla or chocolate center.

Toppings – Wide variety of toppings. These include anything from Gummy Bears, M&M's, and Nestle Crunch to Strawberries, Pineapples, and Walnuts.

Cakes – Custom made cakes with a vanilla and chocolate center or choose any of our Gourmet Flavors and create a cake just for you! Cakes can be decorated to your liking including animated characters or any other request.

Cakes range in sizes from 6" to a Full Sheet.

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