CHCNJ Philosophy

CHCNJ Philosophy Center for Humanistic Change of New Jersey, Inc.

CHCNJ is committed to the belief that all persons have the right to be part of the mainstream of life. Basic to this belief is that all human beings have the right to live and work in the community. CHCNJ advocates for and provides support to persons with developmental disabilities in order to realize these rights within the community.

CHCNJ aids in the development of normalization by providing homes or apartments for individuals or small groups of people within the community.

Community integration is accomplished through our residential programs and our community employment program by providing support and encouragement for individuals to become visible, productive members of the community.

CHCNJ believes that everyone should be afforded the freedom of choice, to make their own decisions whenever possible, and to have these decisions respected.

Labels and stereotypes are not recognized, and people are treated with respect through interactions which do not demean or minimize the individual's input. Efforts are made to minimize dependence on others, and maximize individual control.

CHCNJ provides a consistent message that the outcomes and procedures utilized should reflect the basic values underlying normalization and integration. Educational objectives are age-appropriate, community referenced, and designed for maximal participation in integrated environments.

CHCNJ also understands the importance of staff support. Such support is offered in the form of training, educational assistance, a crisis intervention team, coordinated counseling resources, and through interfacing with other service organizations.

CHCNJ believes that as an organization, we exist primarily because of our responsibility as people to the people for whom we provide service in the pursuit of our ultimate goal of true community integration, and that this goal can be achieved in a supportive manner which respects the right of every human being to live with personal dignity.

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