Help Stop Waste


 Examples of Medicaid Fraud and Waste include:

  • Providing unnecessary services.
  • Billing for medical services not actually performed.
  • Billing for unnecessary services.
  • Billing more than once for the same service.
  • Billing separately for services that legitimately should be one billing.
  • Dispensing generic drugs but billing for brand-name drugs.
  • Giving or accepting something of value (kickbacks), such as cash, gifts, or services, in return for medical services.
  • Falsifying cost reports or claims.

 Examples of Medicaid Abuse include:

  • When someone lies about their medical condition.
  • When someone lies about their eligibility.
  • When someone forges prescriptions.
  • When someone loans their Medicaid card to others.

If you suspect fraud, waste or abuse… call Toll Free:

State of New Jersey Department of Human Services at

1-888-9FRAUD5  (1-888-937-2835)

New Jersey Medicaid Fraud Division at 888-937-2835 or

New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Hotline at 877-55-FRAUD or

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