The CHroniCle NJ July 2016

The CHroniCle NJ July 2016 Center for Humanistic Change of New Jersey, Inc.

Michael Rice spoke with CHCNJ
Executive Director, Jackie Harrison,
at her office in Stanhope, New Jersey.

Michael: Jackie, how long have you been the Director of CHC?
Jackie: 34 Years. We opened our first group home in 1982.
Michael: If you had to pick one of your favorite moments at CHC, which would it be?
Jackie: There are a few, though the biggest was when we opened our first three homes, and
those individuals were able to leave institutions and live in homes within the community.
Michael: What is the most important part of being our Executive Director?
Jackie: I want to make sure that people understand our philosophy. It's important that people
really understand what true community integration means and the way in which we would like to
accomplish that.

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